Miss Petra, born of Caribbean decent, is the founder, owner, director and chief choreographer of the "Perfection Dance Center Ltd." PDC was built on two core phrases; "Reach for the stars but never forget the ones you have conquered" and "My name is...and I am Somebody." 

The Perfection Dance Center (PDC) program is geared towards teaching the  youth of today respect and pride in oneself and for others, community and confidence. These qualities are achieved through the medium to which youth relate most comfortably, Music and Movement.

Our advance placement programs concentrate on four major areas of dance performance and techniquel Tap, Ballet, Modern and Jazz. This program brings students to a new height in community, communication, and pride.

Scouts' Programs

Sign up today and earn your Dance Badge! Both Boys & Girls are welcome! 


Book Club

Club meetings are held once a month to meet & greet friends & family & discuss hot books & topics.

Adult Classes

Fun Techniques done at your own pace;

Zumba, Ethnic, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop and Keep Fit classes. 

PDC Dance Intership

Mentors HS & College students seeking internship opportunities , school credit, teaching positions  & the ULTIMATE CAREER IN THE ARTS.



PDC Dance Competitions

The PDC Comp Team are a group of advanced Dancers who enter monthly dance competitions. To date they have placed first in their age division and first overall. "WATCH OUT!"



Etiquette Program

Instructs student with knowledge skill and confidence in manners that will aid in their success for a lifetime.